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Facilities information

Facilities InfoOur facilities are safe, well-maintained and well-equipped, and we follow our long-range capital improvement plan to make sure that continues.

District 41 has 32 portable classrooms housing approximately 500 students—a school’s worth of students. Why this space crunch? Enrollment has increased since the buildings were last enlarged in 1998, today’s best practice programming requires more space, and there is a mismatch between the types of spaces the schools have and the types of spaces they need.

The Board of Education (BOE) has said that portables are not a permanent solution; it is committed to bringing every student “under roof” and the district is looking for land for a new school. The district’s tentative plan is for a ballot request for a new school in 2015-2016. The district administration is in the process of updating its Master Facilities Plan to better align it with the renewed Long-Range Plan.

  • Elementary additions approved (3/12/14)
  • District to bid elementary additions (11/13/13)

  • Superintendent facility update for 9/12/2013

  • D41 Summer 2013 Facility update: planning and projects (7-22-13)


  • 2009 Master Facilities Plan recommendation

  • 2012 Kasarda Demographic Study

  • Portable Fact Sheet

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